Pan-Seared Scallops With Blueberry Gastrique

Scallops are one of the great blessings of the sea. A glorious flavor profile that hits so many great notes. The texture is juicy and succulent. The flavor is nutty, buttery, sweet, and delicate. Making sure you don’t overcook your scallops and you will have a delicious bite. The other great thing about scallops is they compliment so many other ingredients perfectly. The scallops should be pat dry be seasoned before adding to a hot olied pan. Cook a few minutes per side and serve asap.

Blueberry Gastrique compliments the scallop with it’s sweet and tart notes.

To compliment my delicious and succulent scallop I made a nice blueberry gastrique using lemon juice, wine, and honey and simmered it with fresh blueberries. The flavor of the gastrique is sweet but not too sweet to overwhelm the delicate scallops.

To bring the dish home I paired it with pasta with shallots, lemon juice and zest, pine nuts and sauteed carrot top greens.

I also roasted some carrots and cooked a sausage patty. All the flavors met each other and had a dance party in my mouth.

Click the link to watch the YouTube video of this dish.

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