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At Imbue Palate one of my favorite things to do is explore the culinary world with the chefs that are making magic happen in the kitchen and on the screen. Chefs we have come to admire and chefs we need to know. For every Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay, they are an army of culinary geniuses out there waiting for exposure. It is my goal to provide exposure to this talent and share a little bit more about what they are doing.

So far we have brought you the stories of 4 amazing and talented chefs that are constantly pushing themselves to take their talents to new levels. It is so amazing what they have already accomplished. What I find even more astonishing is that they are ready to attain new heights in the culinary world. Right now the culinary world is having to transform to stay alive and chefs like these are at the heart of what’s to come.

Meet the chefs we have spotlighted so far

Chef Travis Kamiyama

Chef Travis Kamiyama – Sushi Master

Chef Bert Agor Jr.

Chef Bert Agor Jr.- Kings Hawaiian

Chef Motavia Alston

Chef Motavia Alston – appeared on Cooks vs. Cons

Chef Brother Luck

Chef Brother Luck- Appeared on Top Chef, Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay

Kitchen Tales….crazy boss

This boss would turn on you faster then you could blink photo by pexels

Back in the day I had boss that would go from perky and pleasant to pissed off and profane. This as you could tell made for interesting working conditions.

Used to make hundreds of platters  and this boss would destroy any platter she thought was imperfect. Photo by pexels

Your day would almost be over your cleaning your station to go home and then it would happen…..thump, crash, splat your work destroyed before your deflated eyes. She was unhappy, but she couldn’t just tell you what part she didn’t like. She would destroy it so you would have to start over. It happened so often I would often show her every platter I made but sometimes regardless of what she said earlier she still could evoke chaos at any instant.

She developed a reputation and all the chefs that worked with her would pray they completed their work before crossing her path. We would also deligate someone to be the messenger. This boss was a piece of work. Don’t be this boss. This boss ruled in fear….fear is not the way to productive and engaged employees.

Sometimes you cleaned up to go home a few times