A New Trend Netflix and Cook

A new trend has emerged Netflix and cook. I know from my experience watching cooking shows they tend to feed creative juices. It gives me fresh new ideas. Chefs like me crave feeding the idea section of our brains. Being exposed to new ideas for dishes and techniques that expand our culinary repertoire is something every chef and serious cook craves. When we see new things that excite us it can launch our next big dish.

During the pandemic, I have been scouring Netflix and Hulu and watched so many cooking and cooking competition shows. Currently, I am rewatching Bravo’s s Top Chef from season 1. I have watched it before but sometimes when you watch it again you catch something that intrigues you. The tacos I made last night were inspired by the Netflix show Chefs Table BBQ.

Rosalia Chay Chuc was the featured chef. She makes tacos using traditional Mayan methods. My taco is nothing like hers. That doesn’t mean I did take anything from the show. What I took from the episode was a reminder to honor the ingredients. It also reinforced a culinary subject we often can lose sight of that over-complication can kill a good dish.

The tacos I put together utilized flap meat marinated in salt, pepper, garlic, onion, apple cider, and lime juice. Marinated for several hours. I then grilled it and it was excellent. Don’t forget to season the meat just before serving.

The delicious grilled carne asada was accentuated by some awesome homemade corn tortillas, some avocado crema, cotija cheese, and roasted tomato pico de gallo. It made for one epic taco.

Today it was tacos who knows what tomorrow will inspire me to make.

Slow-Cooked Sweet Chili Ribs

Ribs cooked slow and low is tender and delicious

The key to an incredible rib is time. Time to marinate the flavors and time to cook slow and low.

Ribs deserve to fall off the bone treatment.

Start by seasoning your rib. Salt and Pepper followed by a good layer of yellow mustard. In a bowl combine brown sugar, paprika, cumin. Coat your rib on all sides with the mixture. Allow the rib to sit for several hours to saturate the flavor into the meat.

I recommend that you smoke the ribs for optimum flavor and tenderness. If that is not an option your grill over the oven will suffice. Keep your temperature between 250 and 300 and allow the ribs to cook for 4-5 hours. The longer you allow the ribs to cook at this temperature the better. Magic happens when you let time be your guide.

A good rib needs a great sauce

For a simple bbq sauce that hits the nail on the head look no further than this recipe. The sauce has a little bit of sweet, a small amount of heat and just the right tang.

  • Ketchup 4 oz
  • Brown sugar 4oz
  • Sweet Chili Sauce 4 oz
  • Combine all ingredients and simmer until it thickens slightly.

Sauces should always be added at the final stages of cooking or the very end. Add sauce to your ribs and enjoy. The ribs are down when they pull away from the bone.

Peanut Butter Banana Rice Krispy Cookies

They say you can have too much of a good thing! I disagree with that notion. Sometimes more of a good thing just makes life a little bit sweeter.

Cream 4oz butter and 1 cup brown sugar
Add 4oz peanut butter and 1 banana
Add 1 egg, and 2 teaspoons vanilla. Mix well
Add 1&1/2 cup flour, 1 cup rice krispies, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Mix just until combined.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. While you wait for the oven to reach temperature place cookie dough in cooler to chill.

Drop dough by spoonfuls or using a scoop. Bake for approximately 10 – 15 minutes.
Final product finished with drizzled chocolate

The finished cookie is moist and delicious. It has all the goodness of banana bread in a cookie. For a tasty variation add another cup of rice krispies and half a cup of marshmallows.

Super Star Short Ribs

Short Ribs Made Right Will Make Your Night

Imagine a dinner filled who oohs and ahhhs. This doesn’t have to be a dream. This could be your night to shine. The best part is it doesn’t require many ingredients and time and salt and pepper plus some onions and beer do most of the magic. If you make this dish and give it the time it needs to slow cook you will not be told to pack your tools and go! The 3 biggest mistakes made with short rib are 1) Cooking it at a rapid boil or high heat for to long. This can stress the fibers in the meat and make it tougher. 2) not seasoning the meat enough. 3)Not using a liquid such as beer or wine and opting for water.

Simmer for a few hours so the meat gets fork tender

Short ribs pack a ton of flavor that comes directly from the amount of fat in this cut of meat. When you think of meat for the most part you almost always want to retain a good amount of fat. What happens is as the fat heats it renders and melts through adding irreplaceable flavor. It also marries with your pan drippings to create a glorious sauce.

The other good thing about short ribs is they pair well with many different types of starches and vegetables. I did a ratatouille style roasted vegetable and twice-baked potatoes. Garnished with delectable roasted grapes and fried spinach.

The simplicity of a roasted vegetable compliments the short rib

Below are the steps to win the dinner table and make your night delicious

Season with salt and pepper
Coat evenly with flour this helps with browning as well as the thickening the sauce
Sear all sides for color and flavor
You can chop your herbs or add whole. Just remove the stems before serving.
Adding the beer and wine builds more layers of flavor and aids in making meat tender.
Give the meat time to achieve the tenderness you deserve.
Don’t rush a good thing. Work on the sides while the meat is getting happy.
I repeat…..enjoy

Paniolo Bbq- “Will be sure to make your taste buds dance”

BBQ Mac n Cheese with pulled pork

The food landscape of Simi Valley is sprinkled with local favorites. I ran a poll on the food choices in Simi Valley and there was no clear winner on which restaurant is “The Best”. Based on the variety of responses I got and the restaurants that were selected more than others I saw an overwhelming theme. The theme is that Comfort food is king in this town. So based on that theme I feel pretty comfortable with recommending Paniolo BBQ!

Loco Moco

Paniolo Bbq is “comfort” food with ‘Ono flare. The food I ordered was delicious and “made my taste buds dance” as they say at paniolofusion.com. The food was built on flavor and not fuss. The pictures I took may not lead to extra ooh and ahhh’s on Instagram but it led to a few ooohs and ahhs from my taste buds.

Huli Huli Chicken – Rice Bowl

Paniolo means cowboy in Hawaiian. The goal of this restaurant is to honor tradition while still infusing new flavors. The flavors in my food hit my expectations. The meat was well flavored, the bbq sauce had a nice tang. Most of all it was served with hospitality.

If you are looking for Hawaiian comfort food I think you will be pleased with this spot. I also hear that the owner likes to help future owners incubate their ideas by having “guest” feature their food in his establishment. This gives future owners a chance to see what’s it’s really like running a restaurant before they hula on their own. This hospitality is so invaluable to the people he’s helped.

Located inside TJ’s sports bar at

5710 E. Los Angeles Ave Simi Valley, Ca 93063