Meet Chef Travis Kamiyama

Travis Kamiyama is a Sushi Jedi!

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Travis is dedicated to the craft and passionate  about increasing global fans of sushi with the knowledge he has gained.

Travis started his journey at 14 when he was persuaded to follow the ways of Atsushi, a cool Sushi chef that was the essence of coolness. Travis learned the craft and was influenced by some great Chef’s along the way. One Chef that made a big impression on Travis and his journey was Chef Take San. Take San was not a celebrity chef but to Travis and his journey he was inspiring. Taka was extremely skilled and so humble that he willingly shared his abundance of knowledge. There are many Chefs that hold back their secrets of the craft, not Take San. He saw the value in molding the next generation and passing the mastery to others. This quality is something Travis practices today with Chefs he mentors.

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Chef Travis Kamiyama is developing Temaki Nori Wrap to change the game.

I met Travis probably over 10 years ago as he brought his brand into the restaurant I was working at. Travis is someone I admire and his passion and work ethic are on another stratosphere. Over the years I have followed Travis journey as he built a Sushi Brand on Royal Caribbean, Sandals and Market Broiler. Travis has branched out on other ventures as well. Travis is driven Culinary artist that educates and tells stories. Travis does not let the hurdles of the industry slow him down. He just sees the opportunity to innovate. Currently Travis is working on a Temaki Nori Wrap to change the game with Sushi hand roll kits.

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Amazing sushi hand roll

Travis 5 favorite ingredients

1) Blue Fin Tuna.                                      2) Japanese premium nori seaweed.               3) Hon Wasabi Root                                4)Hokkaido Scallops.                                    5) Bean Sprouts

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There is culinary magic in Chef Travis Kamiyama Sushi.
Travis crafts. each hand roll with the touch of a master

Travis guilty pleasure food

Premium short grain rice cooked to perfection with filtered water in an induction rice cooker.