Uncovering What Makes a Beer Special?

I like to think of myself as an admirer of things done well. I take a minute to savor the complex flavors in really good beers. When you find a good beer you just know as it hits all the check boxes of your personal rating scale. A good beer needs to be memorable and gets you excited to take another sip. It seems as though like most things the answer of what makes a truly great Beer is skewed by the rating system you are holding it too and who is rating the beer. After looking into the topic of what makes a great beer I discovered about a 1000 different ranking sites and the answers were all over the place.

A Domestic Beer Power Rankings listed – 1) Miller High Life 2)Bud Light 3) Rolling Rock . These were listed as the the top power beers in The Domestic Sector. When I look at those 3 beers and I have had them all I see Beer that lacks anything that I personally get excited about, Yet they are recognized as Kings of the domestic beer scene.

A well known beer ranking site had a top 250 list and the top 5 beers were 1) Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout 2) Marshmallow Handjee (stout) 3) Barrel aged Abraxas ( Stout) 4)Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout 5) Heady Topper IPA .

As I went down the list the top 10 were either IPA or Stout a Lamboc showed up #17 and a Trappist Quad #25. According to this list the first of what you might call easy drinking beers showed up in the 30’s. So what does this mean? A few things the people that rate beer for the sites rate the complexities of stout and IPA way ahead of Power houses that own the market share and shelf space at our local supermarkets and places to purchase our fine brew. I also think that average price can/bottle plays a big part of this. Look up and down the rating sites and they are heavily waited toward stouts and IPA but the most popular do not even touch their list. Personally I prefer Belgium and old world beers. Beers that have been crafted and perfected over centuries. I find these beers to have depth yet drinkability and the contagious effect of saying ahhhhhhhhh after you take a sip.

In reality it does not matter what some web site says or who gets rated as the top beer ( granted the accolades peak my curiosity and puts me on the lookout for certain beers) because whatever beer you enjoy is the best beer for you and you don’t have to explain it to anybody.