Not Just Any Lasagna, A Dish Made With Love

Things that are home made or made from scratch often just taste better. Why do you think that is? Could it be that the reason is love? Fresh pasta is made with just a few ingredients flour, eggs, salt, and a splash of water. Using dry pasta just doesn’t replicate the quality you get with fresh dough. For this lasagna I opted to add fresh mozzarella and a nice meatball.

Fresh pasta dough is worth the effort.
Add a nice meatball
Fill the lasagna with layers of flavor goodness.
Your stomach will thank you!

There is no replication for the love and passion a chef puts into their food. Love and passion can not be substituted. That is why it is important to cook what inspires you.

What does food mean to you?

Delicious Hamachi Sushi in Maui

What does food mean to you? What memories does it trigger? Food is a necessity to each and every one of us for nourishment and sustenance.

In this post I’m talking more about what memories certain dishes trigger in your memory database. I’d be willing to bet each and every one of us have a few dishes that automatically trigger positive vivid flashbacks of pleasant times. For me I have a few examples I can share. Example 1 references back to the picture of the hamachi it was my honey moon in Maui and the resort we were staying at had a Japanese restaurant that we dined at. I ordered this dish and when it hit my mouth the taste sensors exploded. It is probably the best Sushi that has ever graced my lips. It was so good I went back again. This memory triggers the pleasant memories of that trip I can taste it now a feel the Hawaiian vibes.

Another example is when I tasted my first scallop cooked to perfection at Pinots Provance. It brings me back to Culinary school and my experiences going to school and my journey as a Chef. Every time I taste a scallop from that day forward it brings me back to a simpler time. The Scallop at Pinots was delectable and burned into my tastebuds as the measuring stick for all Scallops that enter my mouth.

I have many more culinary memories that are triggered by food experiences that I’ve had. Not all the foods that trigger these memories are Instagram worthy. What makes the dish is the experience and who you share it with. Remeber food is about stories and your journey. Each of our journey’s are different and special.