Not Just Any Lasagna, A Dish Made With Love

Things that are home made or made from scratch often just taste better. Why do you think that is? Could it be that the reason is love? Fresh pasta is made with just a few ingredients flour, eggs, salt, and a splash of water. Using dry pasta just doesn’t replicate the quality you get with fresh dough. For this lasagna I opted to add fresh mozzarella and a nice meatball.

Fresh pasta dough is worth the effort.
Add a nice meatball
Fill the lasagna with layers of flavor goodness.
Your stomach will thank you!

There is no replication for the love and passion a chef puts into their food. Love and passion can not be substituted. That is why it is important to cook what inspires you.

Chorizo and Mexican Elote Pizza

All the Mexican Corn Flavors and Chorizo on a Pizza oh mercy !

Sarted with the yogurt dough that we highlighted in a previous post.

Used my Kamikoto knife to take the corn off the cobb. ( the knife slid down the cobb so easy).

Smoked the corn using some nice hickory wood. The flavor of the corn was the right mix of sweet and smokey.

After the pizza emerged from the oven the smell was incredible. I removed it from the cast iron I baked it in and onto a pizza pan. Sliced up and ready to serve it was on its way to chow town. This pizza had a wealth of flavors that hit different notes. Sweet,Spicy,Smokey,Tangy and ultimately a tasty pie.

What are your 6?

Whats your 6? #projectmysterydish

#projectmysterydish is an idea I had to bring some fun into the ground hog days we are currently living in. The concept is simple and a take on some cooking shows we have seen in the past. Id like it to be a precursor for a cause that benefits a charity but I would like to get traction before we take it there.

The concept is a 6 ingredient challenge ( not including fillers, seasoning, and garnish which are allowed). To kick it off and provide inspiration. I did a pre-contest example. My 6 ingredients were ; Halibut, Acorn Squash, Figs, Blackberrys, Golden Beets, and Dandelion Greens.

Portioned and seasoned halibut with the help of my Kamikoto Slicing knife. Ready to grill on a cedar plank.
Roasted most of the components in the oven.

To finish I garnished it with roasted fennel, radish, and limes. I was pretty happy with the dish although I woild swap out the dandelion greens as they were a bit to bitter for this dish.

The dish is visually appealing and was tasty when you married the flavors.

Bizarre food facts

Just a post to break some thought into your day

Just to make you think

Did you know if you cut a grape in half and microwaved it it would explode into a ball of fire ?

Bananas are actually a berry and Strawberries are not berries at all!!!!

Pizza Hut used to be the #1 purchasers of Kale!!!

German Chocolate Cake,Fortune Cookies, French Fries were not invented where you think they were.

Cashews grow on apples

Lemons Float and Limes sink!

Coca Cola and Ketchup used to be used as medicine.

Tomatoes used to be thought of as deadly but it was actually the reaction with the acid and the pewter dinnerware that was used. Pizza is thought to have changed the tomatoes image.


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