When is a Steak more than just a Steak?

This isn’t a philosophy blog and I stake no claim in being a philosophy expert. It is also quite possible that my opinion may not echo across the landscape of mankind. I’d like to think that my 20+ years of culinary expertise amounts to more than a bag of peas. The subject matter I bring before you today is this Is the act of having a “steak” more than just the act of consuming a deliciously juicy morsel of flavor heaven? If it’s not “steak” for you maybe it’s cake or that special dish someone makes you and changes the whole trajectory of your day. My point is this whenever I hear someone say can you make steak tonight or let’s have steak I think that it’s time to celebrate or be celebrated or maybe someone just wants to feel special?

Does steak give you instant warm and fuzzy feelings?

So what is it about a steak that does this for people? I mean saying we are having chicken tonight doesn’t seem to have the same effect as let’s go have a steak. Some or possibly most of this might be related to the cost. It is much more affordable to grill some chicken than a delicious rib eye. Especially right now when I think I saw a loan application next to the rib eye section at the store yesterday. You could have the rib eye today for $5 but than you owe 10 payments of $10. Getting sidetracked a bit I suppose but what I’m saying is that although cost might be a big factor it’s not the only factor at least not from my perspective. My perspective involves what steak has meant during my life. Getting steak usely means good things have happened or we are celebrating good people. I think the act of having or asking for a steak means the request is about wanting more good things in our life. Nothing wrong with that I say. So when someone ask for steak do your best to comply with the demand. That steak means more to them than just a great choice in food.

Not Just Any Lasagna, A Dish Made With Love

Things that are home made or made from scratch often just taste better. Why do you think that is? Could it be that the reason is love? Fresh pasta is made with just a few ingredients flour, eggs, salt, and a splash of water. Using dry pasta just doesn’t replicate the quality you get with fresh dough. For this lasagna I opted to add fresh mozzarella and a nice meatball.

Fresh pasta dough is worth the effort.
Add a nice meatball
Fill the lasagna with layers of flavor goodness.
Your stomach will thank you!

There is no replication for the love and passion a chef puts into their food. Love and passion can not be substituted. That is why it is important to cook what inspires you.

Easy Chicken Carbonara

Chicken Carbonara

In the need for dinner in a hurry and a with some chicken, ham , and vegetables at the ready I put together this easy take on carbonara. The dish was light for a pasta dish but very satisfying.

To put together- start cooking your pasta. Cut up your bacon (or turkey bacon if you choose) or Ham ( or turkey ham). Start to sautee your fat in the pan with a little olive oil. Cook until you smell the flavor sing to your nose. Time to add the vegetables. I used onions,garlic, peas, and summer squash. Sauteed these flavors until they reach rock star status and hit the right chords on the flavor building train. Crack an egg and scramble it and place off to the side. When you paste is ready seat aside some of the pasta water and drain the pasta. Add the desired amount of pasta to your pan with the other ingredients and turn the heat to warm or even off. While mixing the dish add the egg and keep stirring so the eggs can achieve harmony with your dish. Add grated parmesan and a touch of pasta water. Season with a touch of salt (if needed) black pepper and garnish with basil or parsley. To get really adventurous add fresh mozzarella and lemon zest to wow your guest and add that pop.

With less time in the kitchen, you’ll have more time to catch up with friends and family.

Stuffed Roasted Tomato and Scrambled Egg

Stuffed with sauteed vegetables and seasoned with Balsamic Dijon. Topped with a crumble and mozzarella cheese.

Even breakfast in its simplicity can take on a refined look. Don’t forget to let your breakfast show off from time to time. A few touches to the ordinary can make your food extraordinary.