Thyme has a peppery pine flavor

Thyme is a legendary herb with powers that can be said to permeate the history of civilization. As I researched thyme I realized how wide reaching and deep the tales of this miracle herb go. It has been rumored in the deep circles of secret society that Thyme may be the key to solving the covid puzzle ( no evidence supports this theory). When you look deeper into time you will realize that idea may not be as wild as it sounds.

Brew some time tea to release the secrets as old as thyme.

Thyme has been used throughout history in many functions. The Egyptians used thyme in embalming. In the middle ages they put thyme under pillows to prevent nightmares. Jamaican culture gave thyme to mothers after birth as oxytocin. Roman’s burned it as insence for vigor,courage,and strength. Greeks bathed with thyme in the water for courage.

Thyme oil or Thymol is used as an antiseptic in mouth wash and medicate bandages. Thyme or Thyme oil has been used to treat; whooping cough,sore throat, colic, arthritis, stomach pain, diarrhea, bed wetting, gas, worm infection, skin ailments, cold remedies.

Thyme contains protein, vitamin k, magnesium, Vitamins C, Iron

Thyme is versatile in cooking and pairs well with other flavors. Used as a staple in French, Italian and Caribbean cuisine.

PRO TIP- Don’t spend all day removing the eaves from the stem,use the back of a chefs knife or the prongs on a fork to speed up the process. Use fresh thyme ove dried if possible has the flavor is more impact full.

Stuffed Roasted Tomato and Scrambled Egg

Stuffed with sauteed vegetables and seasoned with Balsamic Dijon. Topped with a crumble and mozzarella cheese.

Even breakfast in its simplicity can take on a refined look. Don’t forget to let your breakfast show off from time to time. A few touches to the ordinary can make your food extraordinary.