Sage Food Advice

Sage has more benefits than you can dream up. Photo by Pexels

Sage has 900 different species. There are more ways to use sage than there are ways for Bubba Gump to use shrimp.

Sage salt, sage honey, sage vinegar, sage syrup, sage sugar, sage for pesto, sage chips, sage for pain, sage for tea, sage for roasting, sage for bitters, sage for soap……

The list goes on and on.

Sage has a savory and slightly peppery flavor profile. The flavor does well for roasted meats especially chicken and pork. Sage is great for adding flavor without calories. Sage is complimentary to other herbs so it works well for rubs and marinades.

Sage is highly studied for it’s medical and healing properties. Sage is a stimulant that helps with; fertility, antiseptic, gas, stomach ailments, heartburn, hair care, oral inflammation and many more uses.


Thyme has a peppery pine flavor

Thyme is a legendary herb with powers that can be said to permeate the history of civilization. As I researched thyme I realized how wide reaching and deep the tales of this miracle herb go. It has been rumored in the deep circles of secret society that Thyme may be the key to solving the covid puzzle ( no evidence supports this theory). When you look deeper into time you will realize that idea may not be as wild as it sounds.

Brew some time tea to release the secrets as old as thyme.

Thyme has been used throughout history in many functions. The Egyptians used thyme in embalming. In the middle ages they put thyme under pillows to prevent nightmares. Jamaican culture gave thyme to mothers after birth as oxytocin. Roman’s burned it as insence for vigor,courage,and strength. Greeks bathed with thyme in the water for courage.

Thyme oil or Thymol is used as an antiseptic in mouth wash and medicate bandages. Thyme or Thyme oil has been used to treat; whooping cough,sore throat, colic, arthritis, stomach pain, diarrhea, bed wetting, gas, worm infection, skin ailments, cold remedies.

Thyme contains protein, vitamin k, magnesium, Vitamins C, Iron

Thyme is versatile in cooking and pairs well with other flavors. Used as a staple in French, Italian and Caribbean cuisine.

PRO TIP- Don’t spend all day removing the eaves from the stem,use the back of a chefs knife or the prongs on a fork to speed up the process. Use fresh thyme ove dried if possible has the flavor is more impact full.

Appreciate Basil

Ocimum Basilicum or Basil as we call it is an herb that is probably something you’ve cooked with many times before. It is probably outside of parsley or cilantro the most common herb in our kitchens. Basil originated in Asia and Africa until the world found out about its great flavor. There are estimated to be close to 150 different types of basil.

Basil and Tomatoes complete each other!

Basil matches perfectly with anything tomato. Squash, Soups,Eggplant,Sauces,Tea and Craft cocktails also are great uses for basil. Basil is a decent source of Vitamin K with 13% of suggested daily allowance per tablespoon. When cooking add the basil near the end or just before serving to keep the flavor from being diluted.

Studies into the health benefits of basil have yielded promising findings although the quantity of data is still minimal. Basil potentially helps with reducing effects of diabetes,memory loss,alternative to antibiotics, acne treatment, bug bite treatment, nausea, antioxidant,headache,stress reduction, repel insects and depression among other theories.

It is said if you pour hot water over bruised leaves in a cup and put a towel over your head and inhale the steam it will rid you of or reduce the headache.

Basil tea headache cure ?

Fun fact ….Basil was once thought to turn into a scorpion if placed under a pot !!! I love the flavor of basil and ill bet you do to hopefully this information enriched your day and excited your mind.

Understanding Rosemary!

Rosemary is a very common herb that is widely available in stores and gardens all over. Did you realize that rosemary is a Sinus remedy? Add a Rosemary to your hot shower and it will assist with opening up those stubborn sinuses. (Note not a dr)

Rosemary’s flavor profile is woodsy,lemon,pine,peppery,and slightly bitter.

Rosemary pairs well with Bbq, Italian, French cuisine. Ingredients that pair well are Strawberries, Lemon/citrus fruits, meats and fish, cheese.

Have you ever thought about pairing rosemary with lemon flavored dessert such as lemon meringue pie or a citrus sorbet?

Rosemary also offers health benefits (again not a dr just play one on a blog) alertness, improved memory, indigestion issues, arthritis/joint relief, hairloss. As a side note dont overdue your new love of rosemary since it was noted you can reach toxic levels of consumption.

Herb in spotlight; Rosemary

Fun fact did you know rosemary deters bugs, they hate the smell with a passion. Store some in places like your closet to rid your self of those varmints.