Lights Out Thanksgiving

Delicious grilled turkey

It’s 10:18 am on Thanksgiving day and guess what? I have no power! This was because of the high winds that caused Southern California Edison to shut off my power as well as thousands of others. So what does one do? In previous years I would have headed to my families house and this would not have been a concern. Since we are in the era of Covid we stayed home this year.

So it’s 10:18 am and I was prepping my bird for the oven. I had defrosted and seasoned my bird the day before with some nice melted butter and seasoning. Since the power had been shut off my oven was no longer an option. I pivoted and spatchcocked my turkey. Spatchcocking allows your turkey or bird to lay more flat.It can reduce your cooking time. After the grill was heated to 325 I put Mr. Turkey on the grill and basted it with apple aider and apricot jam.

2 Hours in my grill was out of gas , The nightmare thanksgiving took another turn and I had to move my bird to the stove top. I was able to utilize my stove as it was gas. I was able to get more propane and returned my turkey to the grill. I continued to baste the bird with apricot jam and apple cider. The jam and the cider both add so much flavor to the turkey and help to provide great color and taste to the skin.

What I was left with when I was done was a delicious and juicy turkey that held up to any bird served on Thanksgiving. It certainly was not my ideal cooking situation for this day.

Turkey dinner still a success despite the challenges