Succulent Pork Chops With Delicious Pan Sauce

Super Flavorful and Moist these Pork Chops Will Ignite Your Bite!

Cooking and passion = flavor! Other things come into the equation but the long and the short of the formula is that you can’t make a great dish if you lose your passion. Many chefs have the passion and still can’t make a great dish, but passion is a building block of a great dish. Over the past holiday, I put together a pork chop that melted in my mouth it was so succulent and juicy. The flavor exploded off the plate and each bite was an experience.

It starts with seasoning. Give it time to soak in.

I picked up some Kinders Buttery Steakhouse Rub and seasoned my pork chops liberally after I dried them off. Drying off the excess moisture allows the meat to get a good crust when you sear it in. Being liberal with your seasoning on thicker cuts of meat is very important as you want the flavor to permeate the center.

Sear and then rest on top off vegetables

Get a nice sear on your pork chop and then remove from the pan and add your vegetables. I also added apples as they compliment pork and brussel sprouts superbly. Let the pork chops roast in the oven. Cook until you hit 145.

Use the drippings to make a nice pan gravy.

Once your pork chop has reached temp pull it off the heat and place it on the side with the vegetables. To your pan add whole grain mustard, butter, honey, some wine or apple juice and a little flour. Simmer and let the gravy thicken. Check for flavor add more salt and pepper as needed.

Garnish with pomegranate and roasted sweet potatoes.

That moment when you taste a great dish is so fulfilling and even more fulfilling when you crafted a great dish for others to enjoy. This pork chop made me smile and I know it will make you smile too!


Chef Brent