Easy Chicken Carbonara

Chicken Carbonara

In the need for dinner in a hurry and a with some chicken, ham , and vegetables at the ready I put together this easy take on carbonara. The dish was light for a pasta dish but very satisfying.

To put together- start cooking your pasta. Cut up your bacon (or turkey bacon if you choose) or Ham ( or turkey ham). Start to sautee your fat in the pan with a little olive oil. Cook until you smell the flavor sing to your nose. Time to add the vegetables. I used onions,garlic, peas, and summer squash. Sauteed these flavors until they reach rock star status and hit the right chords on the flavor building train. Crack an egg and scramble it and place off to the side. When you paste is ready seat aside some of the pasta water and drain the pasta. Add the desired amount of pasta to your pan with the other ingredients and turn the heat to warm or even off. While mixing the dish add the egg and keep stirring so the eggs can achieve harmony with your dish. Add grated parmesan and a touch of pasta water. Season with a touch of salt (if needed) black pepper and garnish with basil or parsley. To get really adventurous add fresh mozzarella and lemon zest to wow your guest and add that pop.

With less time in the kitchen, you’ll have more time to catch up with friends and family.

Baked Dijon Balsamic Chicken served with Arrabbiata Vegetables and Garlic Sage Rice

Alert ….its a trip to tasty time
This made a pretty good marinade
Chicken was pan seared before entering the oven topped with arrabbiata sauce bread crumbs and fresh mozzarella
Sautéed up some vegetables and finished with the arrabbiata sauce

It was a good dish that went we together. The spice of the arrabbiata went well with the chicken and vegetables.

Understanding Rosemary!

Rosemary is a very common herb that is widely available in stores and gardens all over. Did you realize that rosemary is a Sinus remedy? Add a Rosemary to your hot shower and it will assist with opening up those stubborn sinuses. (Note not a dr)

Rosemary’s flavor profile is woodsy,lemon,pine,peppery,and slightly bitter.

Rosemary pairs well with Bbq, Italian, French cuisine. Ingredients that pair well are Strawberries, Lemon/citrus fruits, meats and fish, cheese.

Have you ever thought about pairing rosemary with lemon flavored dessert such as lemon meringue pie or a citrus sorbet?

Rosemary also offers health benefits (again not a dr just play one on a blog) alertness, improved memory, indigestion issues, arthritis/joint relief, hairloss. As a side note dont overdue your new love of rosemary since it was noted you can reach toxic levels of consumption.

Herb in spotlight; Rosemary

Fun fact did you know rosemary deters bugs, they hate the smell with a passion. Store some in places like your closet to rid your self of those varmints.