Delectable Salmon With Naval Orange And Ginger Glaze

Salmon is a very popular choice when it comes to making fish for dinner. The flavor of a well-made salmon dish is very memorable and fulfilling. On the flip side, a poorly made Salmon dish could leave you very unsatisfied. The key to a great salmon dish is to not overcook it. The trick is to remove the salmon from the heat source before it hits the desired temp. The Fda recommends cooking salmon to 145 degrees. Many experts agree that the temp of perfectly cook salmon is closer to 125-130 degrees and allow to sit about 5 minutes before service.

Salmon pairs excellent with the flavors of citrus.

To season your salmon remember to not be too heavy with the salt as with most seafood too much salt will ruin the delicate flavors of your fish. Prior to seasoning your dish it’s good to pat your salmon dry. Salt and pepper is all you need to season the fish with. To make the glaze saute some shallots, ginger, garlic and the white part of the green onion. Next add some like juice, orange juice, orange zest, and some orange marmalade, and honey. Simmer for about 10 minutes. A good sign your salmon is ready is when the color changes from bright orange to more of a faint peach color. When the color changes it’s just about show time.

In the pan brown the salmon and use your glaze to coat. Add in some fresh herbs like dill and white onion and cook until it hits temp. Garnish with the glaze and some naval orange supremes.

It’s a great idea to have all your mise en place ready before you start your dish because when you start your salmon you want to be able to react when it is ready to be served. Have all your side dishes rocking and ready before the salmon is finished. I served my dish with some nice barley and sautéed squash.

When good looking dishes go wrong!

This dish looked great but fell flat!

Sometimes we get in our own way and we do too much to our dishes this dish was a reminder to me that too much BAM can make your dish BOMB.

Its always a good reminder that you can over season your food. Too much of a good thing can kill a dish.

I broke 2 cardinal rules in the dish. 1- I added too much salty to my delicate salmon that requires only a touch of added salt and 2- I overmarinated fish. 3- I didn’t listen to my guest as she wanted a simple baked salmon.

My ratio in this dish was off I added honey, and pineapple to the marinade but overdid the soy sauce.

Last note dont be afraid to fail and take feedback on anything you make. I’d rather have honest feed back then politely saying a bad dish is good. Failure also leads to perfection. I know what tweaks to make in the dish the next time I prepare it. Not all great dishes are made on the first attempt.

The cure for the covid blues- Grill away the blues!

Hey we are in some times, some freaking crazy times, times like these call for a solution. Fresh air and the glorious flame of the grill. Smell the aroma and feel the fresh air on your skin.

For this dose I fired up some fresh marmalade salmon and grilled romaine ceasar with zucchini.

It was a tasty meal that snapped away the cares of the world if even for just a few minutes of my day.

Grilled Romaine Ceasar salad with Fresh Grilled Atlantic salmon and honey marmalade