What do you get when you combine a pita with a taco?

Pita or taco can’t decide……combine them for a delicious meal.
Both Mexican and Greek flavors were honored in this dish.

Lemon, mint, rosemary,garlic and cucumber flavors complimented the homemade guacamole, and cotija cheese. Wrapped up in a pita to give you the feeling of having two vacations at the same time!

Sautéed Rib Bits Sandwich

“Before you are done with this you’re going to need a Fork”

Armed with some ribs and a reputation to my tastebuds I decided to throw down this mouth watering sandwich. Caramelized onion and succulent diced treasures of ribs. Slather on some BBQ Aioli a poached egg with oh so tasty yolk flowing down the side. A bit of shredded lettuce and tomato ( to be social as they say) on top of a toasty baguette. In case your wondering I did need that fork!