Super Star Short Ribs

Short Ribs Made Right Will Make Your Night

Imagine a dinner filled who oohs and ahhhs. This doesn’t have to be a dream. This could be your night to shine. The best part is it doesn’t require many ingredients and time and salt and pepper plus some onions and beer do most of the magic. If you make this dish and give it the time it needs to slow cook you will not be told to pack your tools and go! The 3 biggest mistakes made with short rib are 1) Cooking it at a rapid boil or high heat for to long. This can stress the fibers in the meat and make it tougher. 2) not seasoning the meat enough. 3)Not using a liquid such as beer or wine and opting for water.

Simmer for a few hours so the meat gets fork tender

Short ribs pack a ton of flavor that comes directly from the amount of fat in this cut of meat. When you think of meat for the most part you almost always want to retain a good amount of fat. What happens is as the fat heats it renders and melts through adding irreplaceable flavor. It also marries with your pan drippings to create a glorious sauce.

The other good thing about short ribs is they pair well with many different types of starches and vegetables. I did a ratatouille style roasted vegetable and twice-baked potatoes. Garnished with delectable roasted grapes and fried spinach.

The simplicity of a roasted vegetable compliments the short rib

Below are the steps to win the dinner table and make your night delicious

Season with salt and pepper
Coat evenly with flour this helps with browning as well as the thickening the sauce
Sear all sides for color and flavor
You can chop your herbs or add whole. Just remove the stems before serving.
Adding the beer and wine builds more layers of flavor and aids in making meat tender.
Give the meat time to achieve the tenderness you deserve.
Don’t rush a good thing. Work on the sides while the meat is getting happy.
I repeat…..enjoy