Yummy Turkey Yam Hash browns With Egg and Cranberry Sauce

What to do with your turkey leftovers to win breakfast!

Imagine this, eating a delicious breakfast using leftovers from thanksgiving that seems intentional and not forced. This is not a breakfast dish that seems forced by any stretch but rather a pleasant breakfast dish you will be craving for years to come.

Start off with a yam you might have left over and grate it along with an onion. Squeeze out any moisture from the yam and onion to allow the yams to be able to get a crisp crust when you cook them up. Dice up 1/2 a bell pepper and mix with the onion and yam. Season with salt pepper and garlic.

Get you eggs ready to scramble and dice your turkey.

Get your ingredients ready before you start cooking this is your Mis en place
While your yams are getting crispy on the bottom of the pan add your turkey.

After you have heated some olive oil in your pan on high add the yam mixture and allow to cook for a while. Then add your turkey and begin to mix together. Cook you scrambled egg omelet style so it remains intact.

Place your scrambled egg as a base and top with your turkey yam hash browns. To garnish use a dollop of cranberry sauce and some green onions.

This dish has it all sweet, salty, and savory. I know you will enjoy your leftovers.

put some pizazz into your leftovers!